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"Sara by far is the best alternative therapy practitioner I’ve ever engaged and am still a happy patient. The combination of Craniosacral work, with her Tensegrity practice, with her formidable knowledge of anatomy, musculature, joints, and how the body moves, provides a unique, comforting and successful healing modality. I was three years along trying to recover from overuse injuries from a misguided 7 day a week exercise program (and stubborn refusal to let injuries heal) and have made more progress healing with Sara in the last 12 months than the previous 36. She is also kind, compassionate, open-minded, an active listener, and an excellent critical thinker. I recommend her without reserve."



"Before I came to Sara for intractable neck pain, I had worked with her as a physical therapist and knew she would be an excellent practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. She explained the reasoning behind the treatment in very logical terms, and I started to feel immediately better after the first session. Starting with weekly treatments and progressing to monthly visits, I began to experience total relief of my pain (which I had been unable to do with heat therapy and stretching exercises on my own). I have now been essentially pain-free for several months, and I continue to follow her instructions about self-care. I definitely recommend seeing Sara for Craniosacral Therapy for treatment of any pain in the torso for permanent relief and healing."


Physical Therapist

Sara explains everything very well and takes the time to really assess how the body is functioning. It was great to feel the changes in my body after our session!


I am so thankful for the dramatic decrease in my pain level and Sara’s help! I have been struggling with hip pain that has been limiting my activity level. Without her I would not have been able to complete my goal of participating in the sprint triathlon series this summer. She truly has done wonders for me!